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Medical device service is promising

Public date: 2019-01-04

Medical device service is promising

Medical Net July 10th Although China's medical device industry has developed rapidly in recent years, R&D and after-sales service levels are at a relatively low level. Experts recommend that medical device companies focus on the after-sales service field, saying that the after-sales service package model will be imported in the future. And the domestic product competition for medical device product market is a great weapon.

A hospital in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, purchased a domestic color ultrasound machine three years ago. After using it for more than a year, there was a problem with the machine's probe. It has not worked so far because of maintenance difficulties. For this reason, the hospital is no longer willing to spend money. Purchase domestic medical equipment. However, the experience of Henan Yuanyang County People’s Hospital was the opposite. In 2009, the hospital invested 3.6 million yuan to purchase a foreign brand color ultrasound machine. In order to ensure the normal operation of MRI, it also spent 120,000 yuan to purchase after-sales service. Although there are malfunctions in the use of the machine, because of the prompt after-sales service from the factory, the machine is normally used for a long time.

In the eyes of people in the industry, these two examples truly reflect the current status of the domestic medical device industry: the level of enterprise after-sales service needs to be improved.

Wang Baoting, president of the China Drug Supervision and Research Association, pointed out that there is a clear gap between domestically-developed medical devices with independent intellectual property rights and other developed countries, and the level of technical quality of some high-end domestic medical device products lags behind the international advanced level by 10 years or so. In terms of after-sales service, most of the domestic medical equipment companies still remain in the expansion of production and sales, and lack of after-sales service management. Manufacturers do not pay attention to the construction of the maintenance team, and the machines are not repaired in a timely manner. The after-sales service of multinational equipment companies is mostly in place.

Although domestically produced high-precision digital medical equipment has advantages in terms of price, due to the fact that many manufacturers only pay attention to equipment research and development and contempt for after-sales service and training, some hospitals are not willing to purchase domestic digital medical equipment. Some large hospitals reported that some medical device manufacturers did not provide reasonable preventive maintenance plans for hospitals, did not conduct inspections, telephone calls and maintenance on time, and rarely trained hospital technicians.

"If the domestic medical equipment manufacturing enterprises do not pay attention, and do not establish and improve the after-sales service team and technical training and supporting systems in advance, although there is a market, it will inevitably encounter the embarrassing situation of 'affordable and not available' in the future." Henan Province Yuan Qingxian People's Hospital Meng Qingyuan said.

Meng Qingyuan said that some domestic medical device contracts do not include all parts of the equipment, the warranty contract price is too high, and does not provide technical advice. Most domestically produced high-precision equipment does not have a professional sales force, and only a few people are represented. When a problem arises, nobody pays attention to the equipment. Even the manufacturers cannot find it. The complaint is even more serious. In particular, telemedicine is gradually being widely used, and a large number of high-end equipment are needed at the grass-roots level. If the after-sales service of equipment cannot be put in place in time, the mobile medical network will have problems.

At the same time, due to the technical advantages of imported products, some large hospitals have to adopt some imported products. According to Li Xiaolong, product manager of the marketing department of Yingtai Medical Technology Co., Ltd., most of the imported brand medical devices have taken monopoly services after the sale, and there are technical barriers. The maintenance pricing is determined by the foreign party and the after-sales service profit reaches 50%.

“In the face of an ever-expanding market, domestic companies must work hard to find a piece of cake after the service.” Bruce Lee believes that the after-sales service package model will be a major weapon in the future of domestic medical device products and imported products.

Bruce Lee told reporters that Yingtai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is innovating after-sales service integrated packaging service model, that is, after the sale of medical equipment products, through the implementation of maintenance service, resource integration and personnel training, while creating a technology platform for the hospital general Service. The company has been trying out equipment packaging services in Shandong and Inner Mongolia to explore services such as imaging, hemodialysis, disinfection, and endoscopy. Through policy guidance, customer demand, market adjustment, from simple product distributors, traders to product + service transformation.

In terms of after-sales services, Meng Qingyuan suggested that domestic medical device companies should establish high-quality service teams and establish adequate fixed-point service agencies and expert tour service teams. We will carry out equipment maintenance insurance business, strengthen service concepts, and improve maintenance technology services so that the interests of both parties can be played and maintained. At the same time, through training, we will strengthen the operational skills and maintenance level of medical technicians at the grassroots level, and solve equipment in a timely manner through network services. problem.

YingTai (Suzhou) Medical Technology Co.,LTD.is a high-tech disposable surgical pack manufacturer integrating R & D,production and sales. The company's production base is located in Zhangjiagang city of Suzhou, sales and marketing center in Shanghai City, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. We have our own scientific research teams and technical teams composed of a group of senior engineers and doctors.YingTai has maintained strategic research cooperation and established a joint research center with scientific research colleges and universities,The production facility covers an area of 3000 square meters with 100,000 level Sterile Purification Workshops and 10.000 level Testing Centers, with first-class production equipment, laboratory testing equipment, completed production and quality management system.

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