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Disposable Surgical StaplersDisposable Surgical Staplers
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Disposable Laparoscopic Cutting Stapler

China supplier disposable laparoscopic stapler

Product advantages:
Advanced product processing technology
Plastic handle, streamlined appearance design.
Integral abutment seat design, holding power is better than similar products.
There are no lubricants (such as petrolatum, talcum powder, etc.) in the staple cartridge and no pollution.
Reduced complications, three rows of staples with different height, tight inside and loose outside, more in line with human tissue.

This is the description of China supplier disposable laparoscopic stapler

1,Specifications: Disposable laparoscopic cutting stapler and components are referred to simply as “stapler and components”. Stapler are divided into two types, A and B, depending on the structure,the A-type components are straight, and the B-type components are swivel-head joints; they are divided into 60, 160 and 260 depending on the length of the lumen. The components are divided into 30, 45, and 60 sizes according to the effective length of sewing; they differ according to the staple height, it is represented by the letters G, T, P, B, and M, respectively.

2, Product composition description:

A type stapler

1.Staples; 2. Staplecartridge; 3. Abutment seat; 4. Cutter; 5. Insurance panels; 6. Body sleeves;7.Moving handle; 8, Rotating handle; 9, Resetting block; 10, Resetting handle; 11, Fighting handle; 12, Main handle

B type stapler

1.Abutment seats; 2. Staplecartridges; 3. Cartridge holder; 4. Assembly sleeves; 5. Body sleeves; 6. Rotating handles;7. Moving Handle; 8, main handle; 9, firing handle; 10, reset block; 11, reset handle; 12, staples;

3. Scope of application:Resection, transection and suturing of tissues used in abdominal surgery and gynecological endoscopic surgery;

4. Product features:

1.Turn nails,to give narrow operationspace flexibility;

2.Single use cutting blades to ensure that the tissue is completely cut, reducing tissue damage, and at the same time reducing the possibility of planting metastasis during tumor resection;

3.6 rows of staples to ensure the safety of endoscopic surgery;

4.The same instrument can be used with all types of staple cartridge, reducing the cost of surgery;

5.Can be used repeatedly 15 times in the same operationto reduce medical costs;

6.Ergonomic handle design makes it easier to fire.

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YingTai (Suzhou) Medical Technology Co.,LTD.is a high-tech disposable surgical pack manufacturer integrating R & D,production and sales. The company's production base is located in Zhangjiagang city of Suzhou, sales and marketing center in Shanghai City, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. We have our own scientific research teams and technical teams composed of a group of senior engineers and doctors.YingTai has maintained strategic research cooperation and established a joint research center with scientific research colleges and universities,The production facility covers an area of 3000 square meters with 100,000 level Sterile Purification Workshops and 10.000 level Testing Centers, with first-class production equipment, laboratory testing equipment, completed production and quality management system.

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