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Disposable Surgical PacksDisposable Surgical Packs
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Disposable Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgical Package

1.Product Specifications

Type I (abortion), Type II (natural birth surgery), Type III (cesarean operation)

2.Scope of application: applicable to gynecological surgery in medical institutions

3.Product Features

(1) User-friendly, single use, without recycling or cleaning;

(2)Environmental-friendly , easy to degrade or incinerate;

(3)Made of high-quality raw materials, no toxicity, no fiber shedding, and good resistance to bacteria. With the characteristics of the three resistance: anti-alcohol, anti-static, anti-plasma;

(4)The key parts have liquid-impervious and anti-seepage properties, and can be configured with fluid collection bags;

(5)Effectively prevent cross-infection in hospitals, reduce the hidden costs of treatment, and increase infection rate control;

(6)The sterilization effect is reliable, and the sterilization period is longer;

(7)Optional product lay-out are possible according to real needs of the hospital.

4.Product Descriptions

instrument table cover; large drape with adhesive edge; medium drape with adhesive edge; disposable surgical drape; self-adhesive drape;cesarean drape, equipment tray cover;delivery pad, disposable surgical gown, disposable medical surgical gloves, leg cover,developing gauzes, plain gauzes, sterilizing sponge brush, umbilical cord clamp, baby wrapper, baby cap, ear syringe, perineal pad, medical cotton swab, disposable oval pliers, medical tray (curved plate, square plate), plastic measuring cup, plastic bowls, non-woven tapes, disposable masks, disposable caps, medical elastic bandages, medical paper towels, medical cotton balls, plastic tweezers, plastic basins.

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